• 20 Mar 2020 —
  • USD 444.8
  • EUR 476.78
  • RUB 5.72
  • Нефть марки (WTI Crude) = $ 24.59 за 1 баррель
  • Нефть марки (Cossack) = $ 24.73 за 1 баррель
  • Нефть марки (Brent Crude) = $ 29.55 за 1 баррель

OilTools Services

Directional drilling services company

Directional drilling services


Turbine drilling motors spin the bit at a high RPM, helping you maximize asset value in hostile drilling environments by reducing well time and lowering your cost per foot.

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Our motors were designed specifically to improve drilling ROP, steering capabilities, and increase reliability. The motors use the highest performance elastomers and materials.

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With a maximum operating temperature of 175°C (347 °F), the Vertex MWD kit offers a rugged design built to withstand the most extremed drilling conditions.

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