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OilTools Services

Directional drilling services company


Float subs are adapters that are machined with a float bore inside that allows you to run a float valve. These are also available as a float crossover sub.

Float subs are used to house a float valve, also known as a back pressure valve. The float valve functions as a safety between the wellbore and the inside of the drillstring to prevent drilling fluids from backflowing up to surface.



Drill Pipe Float Valves

Float valves allow the flow of fluid in one direction but close off if the fluid happens to flow back.

Oil Tools Services supplies a complete line of float valves and repair kits to accommodate a wide range of drilling situations and operating conditions. These Drill Pipe Float Valves provide added blowout protection at the bottom of the drill string to prevent flowback when joints are added and keep cuttings out of the drill pipe to prevent bit plugging while making connections.

Float Valve Installation

Drill Pipe Float Valves are easy to install.

Simply lubricate the side seal rubbers, and then slide the float valve into the cavity of the recess of the float out or drill collar.

  • CAUTION: Fill drill pipe regularly when going in the hole. Failure to do so can cause damage to the drill pipe and/or the float valve.

The following products are available in Standard Service and Hi-Temp/NACE assemblies


Plunger Type Float Valve

The Plunger type valve offers positive and instant shut-off. During normal drilling operations,it offers economy and durability. The piston type stops flow-back when making connections and keeps cuttings out of the drill string. Parts are interchangeable.


Flapper Type Float Valve

The Flapper style valve features an investment cast flapper. Its quick opening provides unrestricted full flow through the valve. This model is designed for highly abrasive drilling fluids. Parts are interchangeablet.





Downhole filters  are protective mechanisms that are installed above drill motors that would typically wear out when constantly exposed to solid surfaces.

These filters will prevent nozzles and motors from clogging up with debris thus saving you time on projects. After retrieval at the surface, these filters can be disassembled and cleaned and re-used.







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