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OilTools Services

Directional drilling services company


The ultimate in rugged design. The MWD kit has highest mud pulse data rates available for directional companies. 4 bits/second, that’s 24 second full surveys and 2-3 second telemetry updates.




With a maximum operating temperature of 175C (347F), the MWD kit offers a rugged design built to withstand the most extreme drilling conditions. Three times faster data transmission ensures operators see added value compared to conventional mud pulse.


A patent pending, printed circuit board rail mount along with a proprietary snubber design, dampens shock and vibration, reducing the stress on the internal electronics which leads to longer life and dramatically reduces problems from occurring.


An innovative latching muleshoe design provides downhole reliability while remaining retrievable and re-seatable. Integrated rubber fin centralizers along with custom rotary connectors, allow for quick connections in the field. With a unique pulser bottom end, the MWD kit offers the highest LCM tolerance in its class.


  • High LCM Tolerance over 100 lbs/barrel
  • High Efficiency and Power Consumption Optimized Pulser
  • Date rate 4-6 bits/seconds
  • Retrievable Latch down Muleshoe
  • Rated to 350F (175)
  • Independent Module Memory
  • Capable of 49 downlinking options
    • 7 data sequences
    • 7 pulse width
  • Integrated gamma LWD logging software
  • Wireless connection to Rig Floor Display
  • Programs tool string and decoder
  • Tool diagnostics and surface testing capabilities
  • Single application for MWD, tool programming, and tool diagnostics
  • Real-time display of decoding data and historical view of mud pulse data
  • Integrated survey sheet with plan and vertical section view
  • Display and transmit WITS data from external sources
  • Visual and audible alerts to decoding events
  • Full screen customizable drillers view for rig floor display