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OilTools Services

Directional drilling services company

About us

OilTools Services LLP based in Aktobe, Kazakhstan, provides oilfield services to the Oil & Gas industry. While all our activity today is centered in the western part of Kazakhstan, we have the depth of experience to provide services to customers in other part of country as well as customers within CIS market. We are committed to providing work-class services using state of the art technology, we are safety conscious and our men are trained to put safety first while out on the field. Our goal is to provide our customers with total solutions from well planning to a completed well in the safest environment possible.

Our Services

  • Well Engineering and Planning - consultation on well planning process (24/7 support)
  • Drill Bits - coverage of all sizes from top to bottom (holes ranging 26" to 5-1/2")
  • Coring Services - any kinds of formations / unconsolidated (sections: 8" & 8-3/8")
  • Mud Motor Drilling - All Hole Sections
  • Turbine Drilling - All Hole Sections
  • Performance and Directional Drilling - All Hole Sections
  • MWD/LWD Services - All Hole Sections
  • BHA Components - Roller Reamers, Jars, Shock Subs, Filter & Float Subs
  • Managed Pressure Drilling - CHCD/RCD
  • Well Integiry Surveillance Services

Our Performance

High performing equipment:

  • Consistently executes high quality well at less cost in the fastest possible time
  • Domestic and international experience using the most advanced approaches and techniques
  • Integrated package custom designed to fit needs
  • Application specific service engineered for dynamically stable performance


Our approach results in:

  • Safer Drilling
  • Faster time to production
  • Increase BHA and drill string durability
  • Better well bore
  • Improved casing and cementing operations
  • Facilitate high-quality logging


Experience and knowledge how to optimize job execution including:

  • Application engineering and well planning
  • High performance drill bits and BHA components
  • High performance motors and turbodrills
  • Vertical steering systems and well bore control


Experienced in:

  • Short radius well
  • Multi-lateral horizontal well
    • Sidetracks
    • Extended reach wells
    • Experienced directional drilling management team