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OilTools Services

Directional drilling services company


Tricone Bit

Tricone Roller bit is the most widely used drilling bit. When the roller cone bit is working, the cutting teeth alternately contact the bottom of the well, the torque of breaking the rock is small, the contact area between the cutting tooth and the bottom of the well is small, the specific pressure is higher, and it is easy to eat into the formation; the total working length of the working blade is large, thus relatively reducing the wear. Roller bit can adapt to a variety of formations from soft to hard. 



PDC Bits

Polycrystalline diamond compact drill bits, commonly called PDC drill bits, are made with synthetic diamond cutters in either steel or matrix body material. PDC drill bits revolutionized the drilling industry with the wide application range and rate of penetration (ROP) potential. Our selection of PDC drill bits achieve maximum performance. The culture of continuous improvement drives performance while lowering drilling cost.



Impreg Bits

Impregnated drill bits are made with a matrix body that is embedded with synthetic diamond grit material. They are specific for hard and abrasive formations. As diamonds wear down, new diamonds are exposed to enhance performance and further extend bit life.


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