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OilTools Services

Directional drilling services company


ulterra буровое долото

#1 PDC Bit partner in North America, and the largest independent PDC bit company in the world.


CounterForce® technology redirects vibrational energy into the formation to improve performance.

Harness the Energy of Lateral Vibration

Downhole drilling vibration caused by bit-to-formation engagement is the root cause of multiple common drilling issues that can damage drilling tools and equipment. Specifically, lateral vibration is detrimental to the integrity of traditional cutting structures in most drill bits, regardless of the cutters used.

Ulterra’s CounterForce technology harnesses this vibrational energy and redirects it back into the formation in the form of improved ROP, keeping our cutters sharper, for longer.

долото pdc counter force казахстан

долото pdc counter force казахстан


SplitBlade PDC drill bits integrate cutter, nozzle, and blade positions TO REVOLUTIONIZE drilling performance.

Improved hydraulics better cuttings evacuation

If you’re drilling, you’re creating cuttings. These cuttings can stagnate and collect around the cutters and within the junk slot of most bits, impeding evacuation and limiting not only the volume of rock that can be evacuated (a direct function of ROP), but also limiting your operating depth of cut. This directly impacts the performance of your bit and your BHA.

Ulterra’s Split Blade technology separates the flow channel of cuttings coming from the cone and shoulder of the bit. Isolating their flow paths improves their evacuation velocity. The result is a cleaner cone for higher maximum ROP and a cleaner shoulder for better durability into extended laterals.

долото pdc split blade казахстан

Ripsaw technology alternates cutter back rake angles to reduce rapid changes in torque.

Depth of Cut Un-limited

Many applications involve drilling through formation transitions that have high degrees of change in the compressive strength of the rock. Not just between formations tops, but interbedded formations as well. This means additional protection is often required, typically in the form of depth of cut control. Traditional solutions that address depth of cut control are flawed in some way, as they either directly restrict performance in the fast formations or compromise the bit design with added complexity. RipSaw is a depth of cut control solution without compromise; capable of demonstrating superior stability and durability when drilling through changing formations or extended reach lateral sections.

Ulterra’s RipSaw technology is proven to get your drillers to TD faster when going through changing formations.

долото pdc ripsow казахстан

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