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OilTools Services

Directional drilling services company


OilTools Services jars are designed and manufactured for the severe drilling conditions encountered in vertical, directional and horizontal wells. This jar operates as a double-acting hydraulic jar. BHA recovery and reliable jarring operation is assured with this double-acting hydraulic jars delivering a high impact force when required regardless of position of BHA in vertical, deviated or horizontal wells. OilTools Services jars operates using the hydraulic metering delay system for both up-jarring and down-jarring.



  • Standard and high temperature operations
  • High-angle drillstrings
  • All conventional oil and gas wells
  • Deviated oil and gas wells


Features and Benefits

  • Double acting, jarring action in both up and down directions
  • Location in BHA is less restricted. Jar can be used in tension or compression
  • Long operational life, and can withstand high temperatures
  • Mechanical lock mechanism prevents jar movement during normal drilling operations, eliminating unnecessary wear of internal components
  • The Jar will not fire unexpectedly when drilling or tripping in or out of the hole.



All Jars assembly/disassembly in OilTools Services Workshop. Assembly/disassembly procedures include:

  • Flush all drilling fluid from the bore and external surfaces
  • Visually inspection of Jars for any damages
  • Repair services
  • Replace completely all seals and oil
  • Installation heavy duty thread protectors to eliminate mechanical damage

Jar testing procedure.

For more information, contact us at info@oiltools.kz