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WINC+ The Latest in Technology

WINC+(Wireless Inclination with Azimuth)





WINC+ has the ability to provide inclination, azimuth and toolface, so you can keep your hole straight and on target, avoiding costly doglegging and potential hole conditions as a result of not circulating while surveying.


The WINC+ tool is capable of surveying at any point by simply stopping the pumps and starting them. A survey is reported back to surface while you are drilling ahead, there is no need to wait for the survey to be pumped up; it’s done! WINC+ can get you back on target without having to slow down ROP and waiting for gravity to get your hole back to vertical.


 Benefits of WINC+ Tool (Unmanned Survey Tool)

  • Retrievable, reseatable, mud pulse tool
  • Can be supplied in a pre-loaded short drill collar, in sizes: 4.75”, 6.5”, 8.0”, 9.0”, 9.5”
  • Operating battery life expectancy of 1,000 hours/40 days
  • Length approximately 12 feet
  • Inclination accuracy, ±0.10 up to 95
  • Extreme LCM tolerance; over 100 lbs/barrel
  • Integrated rubber fin centralizer
  • Operating temperature, 0 -175 C or 32 -302 F
  • Vibration random 20 g RMS, 15-500 Hz
  • Shock 1000 g, 0.5 ms, half-sine
  • Memory shock and vibration real time
  • Rated to 20,000 psi

Additional Advantages Include

Reduce rig time, automatic surveys on connection

  • Cost and time saving alternative to single shot surveys
  • Less costly than full MWD
  • Used and operated by rig personnel
  • Provides fast and accurate well-bore inclination
  • Simple, reliable and easy to use
  • Minimizes non-drilling time, lessons chances of getting stuck, provides greater well control
images User friendly; allows remote viewing from a computer or smart-phone.