• 26 Nov 2021:  
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OilTools Services

Directional drilling services company


Turbine drilling motors spin the bit at a high RPM, helping you maximize asset value in hostile drilling environments by reducing well time and lowering your cost per foot.


  • Vertical and directional drilling applications
  • Formations drillable with PDC and diamond impregnated bits
  • Whipstock, cement plugs, and open hole sidetracks
  • HPHT wells
  • Hostile mud conditions
  • Thru-tubing remedial and underbalanced operations in gasified fluids, acidized systems, and high temperatures


  • Less rig time with enhanced ROP, even through very hard formations and during sliding
  • More efficient directional drilling because of greater responsiveness and toolface control
  • Fewer trips because of high reliability and extended drive train life
  • Reduced BHA failures and bit wear because of superior vibration characteristics
  • Enhanced wellbore quality and minimal tortuosity over conventional drive systems

For more information, contact us at info@oiltools.kz